Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's almost time

Remember that you can Sign up to Line up starting at 10am in the morning. Make sure you do this so you will not have to go to the end of the line. The link to sign up is on your Consignors Pass. Happy shopping tomorrow night!

First Time Moms, it is not too late to register to shop Saturday morning at 9am before the sale opens to the public. Go here to register!

The Sale opens to the public Saturday at 1pm. Here are the hours for the sale. We hope to see you soon.

Saturday, Feb. 1          1pm-6pm
Sunday, Feb. 2            12pm-6pm 
Monday, Feb. 3          10am-6pm
Tuesday, Feb. 4          10am-6pm
Wednesday, Feb. 5     10am-6pm
Thursday, Feb. 6        10am-6pm (25% off day)
Friday, Feb. 7             10am-6pm (50% off day) 
Saturday, Feb. 8          9am-1pm (50%off day)

We are located in the Former Food Lion, Sears Shopping Center 393 East Main Street, Hendersonville, TN

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Presale Tips

It is almost time to shop! Consignors will shop Friday at 5pm and their guests will shop at 8pm. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you are getting ready to shop and while you are shopping.

  • Make sure you sign up to line up (you can do this Friday morning starting at 10am, there is a link on your consignor pass).
  • Bring a large tote, collapsible cart, etc to put all of your items in/on as you shop. There are some carts but not enough for everyone.
  • Wear comfortable shoes/clothes.
  • Your pass is only good for you (one person per pass) tell your friend to call/text you when they get in at 8pm with their guest pass. Shoppers who are using the Guest Pass to shop at 8pm DO NOT have to sign up to line up.
  • Leave your children with someone who you trust so you can enjoy an evening of shopping and not have to worry about rushing home. 
  • Make a list of what you are looking for. If you want big ticket items, such as furniture, go there first, they sell quickly. 
  • Eat an early dinner or at least a big snack before you come if you are planning on shopping for a while. 
  • Have fun!
If you have other Presale tips you would like to share please leave a comment. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

You need more time to Drop off?

You got it! We have added more time and you do not need an appointment.

Encores North Spring Sale Count Down!

We have General Check-In on Sunday from Noon - 6pm AND
we are adding General check-in on Monday, Jan. 27 from 1pm til 4pm and on Tuesday, Jan. 28 from 10am - 1pm

You still have time to work on your items! Click here to register and start tagging TODAY

We will be in the former Food Lion store 393 East Main Street in Hendersonville.

We have received numerous emails asking for more time! All the appointments on Monday morning are full, but we know the snow days have caused scheduling problems so we are staying open until 4pm on Monday and will be open again on Tuesday, Jan. 28 from 10am - 1pm for more check-in time, no appointment needed!

Of course, if you can't get it done this weekend, there is always Second Check-in next weekend: Feb. 2 - 4.  Please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for details. But you really should get your items here for the early sale days.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Drop Off is going Great

These are pictures of just some of the great items that have been dropped off already. We still have three days of drop off to go. Remember you can drop off tomorrow from 10am-4pm and Sunday from noon-6pm. Monday is drop off by appointment only and all of those appointments are booked.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Drop Off Starts Tomorrow

General Drop Off Dates & Times
Tuesday, January 21 1pm - 4pm
Wednesday, January 22 1pm - 4pm
Friday, January 24 10am - 4pm
Saturday, January 25 10am - 4pm
Sunday, January 26 noon - 6pm

There are still a few appointment times available for drop off Tuesday and Wednesday. All the appointment times for Monday are full. Check here for available drop off times.

Don't forget your self addressed stamped envelope.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spring Sale Countdown

Check-in starts on Tuesday, Jan. 21!
click here to register and start tagging

We will be in the former Food Lion store
393 East Main Street in Hendersonville

We hope you have be tagging away today. If not you still have time, so get busy!

We will have lots of new Gymboree clothing at great prices and boutique items for Easter, so join us as a consignor to shop the Presale, but to be sure you don’t miss these, please read on and consider volunteering to shop even earlier!

Please sign up to volunteer if you haven't already! We are always looking for great workers, and you will not only get first choice of all the great bargains, but there will be gift certificate drawings too!

The Volunteer Worker registration is open; click here to see the volunteer info, including how to earn a $50 gift certificate. We've added more 4 hour shifts for those of you that are short on time, but still want to shop before the PreSale.  Please read the volunteer page before reserving your shifts.

We have paid shifts also, please click here for those.

Other Early Shopping Opportunities
  • Of course, we always need tables!!! Lend us your long tables - 4 tables equals shopping 2 hours before presale starts. Use the Registration Link to sign up.
  • Bring drinks, food, or office supplies. Use the Registration Link to sign up.
Be sure to read the Consignor Corner for any updates and PLEASE don't forget to open the email attachment you will receive when you register!

Like us on Facebook to get all the latest news. And please spread the word and tell all your friends about the sale! Put our web site link on your Facebook page (and help sell your own stuff

Thanks for choosing Encores!  See you Tuesday for the first day of drop off!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

helpful tagging tips

We want to give you some tips to help you sale your items. Please take the few extra minutes to hang your items correctly or bag them properly so your items will sale. You can always refer to our website and click on consignor at the top of the page for tagging information as well. These are items from the last sale that we wanted to show you to help you better hang/bag/tag your items for this sale.

 Jeans are heavy. Make sure you use big, strong, heavy duty safety pins to hang your jeans. You can get great safety pins from this site Cleaners Supply #2 Safety Pins. Place the waist of the pants on the top triangle of the hanger, pinning at the top so the pants/shorts can't slide to the bottom arm of the hanger.

Handwritten tags are NOT good. It is much easier to print the tags from our website. This item sold but it had to be hand-typed in at check out. The human factor of hand-typing cards greatly increases the chance of mistake. Always go through the web site and print your tags. We can also search the database descriptions for items that get separated from their tags.

When bagging items we recommend that the bag be securely taped shut with strong packing tape. No scotch tape or masking tape. The description should have a good list of what is in the bag (adding hand-written details if necessary). The tag too should be securely taped to the bag with clear packing tape or pinned very securely to a thick or doubled part of the plastic bag. Staples often slide off plastic bags and then the tag is lost. It is also best to type a description of your item, so if the tag and item are separated they can hopefully be matched together again.
This tag is handwritten and taped to the item. There is no price, description, or discount information. Computer generated tags are best and always pin your tags to your items unless taping it is the only option (for large toys or furniture). One good way to tag large toys or furniture, is to make a secure loop of curly ribbon around a part of the item and then pin your tag to the curly ribbon loop.
When bagging items make sure the tag can be clearly seen on the outside of the bag and that the top of the bag is taped closed so it can't be opened.

We hope these tips are helpful. If you have other tips or questions please leave a comment.
Happy tagging!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

tips for consigning newborn items

There is a 25 hanging item per sex limit for the entire range of size Newborn – 12months.  Babies don’t wear out their clothes and we can’t possibly sell all the newborn clothing that our consignors have! So we must make some kind of limits, but below are tips to help you:

•    Pick out your best outfits to bring and make as many sets as you can,  shoppers LOVE entire sets of things like a Gymboree outfit with all the matching pieces.

•    When making sets, put 3 tops the same size, or 2 pants, or 2 rompers, etc together on one hanger.

•    Anything neutral that the opposite sex can wear can count as 25 for the opposite sex.

•    Price your items for what you would pay for them. 

•  You can bring Ziploc bagged items, for example 3 tee shirts together or sleepers that are the same size, etc.  (Outfits do not sell as well in the baggies, the baggies will be put in large bins on our Linen Table. Please be sure they are pristine.)

 •    Your consignor number and tags work at all our locations. Take your extras to our other locations: South, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, and Columbia

We hope these are helpful. If you have other tips leave a comment to share with our other readers. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

important info to know

We will be posting daily totals of sold items in your tagging account at all Encores locations.
*  For Encores North only, there will be a 25 hanging item limit on Newborn 0 - 12 months clothing. Watch for a post tomorrow with some tips about making the most of your newborn items.

*  Everyone loved the Adult Sale, so we will accepting Adult/Home D├ęcor items again!

*  Our consignor fee will be $9 for children's items, $5 for Adult/Home items

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spring/Summer Sale Info

Encores North Spring Sale Location!!

The former Food Lion store
on East Main Street in Hendersonville

The store is next to Sears in the Hazel Path Commons shopping center.  We were there last summer and it’s a great space, with plenty of room and lots of parking.

This is a great opportunity for you to sell ALL your stuff, so start cleaning those closets out today!
Check-in: Jan. 21 - 27
Workers Shop: Jan. 30
Presale: Jan. 31

Check out our website for more info
Make sure you like us on Facebook as well!  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

We hope you all have great 2014! As you are cleaning out and making room for new clothes, toys or household items, start a consignment tub. It will not be long before our next sale. The earlier you start gathering things and tagging them the less stress it will be as the sale gets closer.