Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Want to shop early?

What are the perks of volunteering for shifts?
  • You get to shop before the pre-sale, therefore having first dibs on those great bargains!! For example, if you need a high chair, and there are 3 of the same type, you can get the one for $15 instead of the others that might be marked higher, like $25 or $30.
  • You also get to shop in a calm, uncrowded environment. You can make a pile of your purchases somewhere in the store, label it with your name, and then continue to shop without lugging it around with you or worrying that someone might take your items.
  • Check out lines are short and efficient.
  • Workers receive a gift certificate to use at the next sale.  There are also drawings at each shift level, including the grand prize of a $300 refund!! Be sure to check out the various levels of rewards, including shopping the Blessing Closet.

To sign up for a shift or three click here.

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