Friday, August 12, 2016

check in starts tomorrow

Check starts tomorrow.

                                                  Saturday, August 13    10am-6pm                                                                 Sunday, August 14        Noon-6pm               
                                                  Monday, August 15       1pm-6pm                                                                          
Check here for appointment times Monday - Wednesday.

Helpful Hints:
  • Consignors with a large amount of items will need an additional check-in time. Generally if you have more than one car/van load, you need more than one check in time.
  • Come to the check-in table to sign in and get your presale passes. Don't forget your SASE envelope for your check to be mailed!
  • You will need to hang your clothes in the correct sizes at drop-off.
  • Bring your non-hanging items in disposable containers such as boxes or bags that you can leave with us instead of plastic containers which are time-consuming to empty.
  • Please have separate containers for shoes and adult/home items

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